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Philips ontwikkelt 'groene' straatverlichting die zelf energie opwekt  tweakers.net

Philips heeft in Moskou een concept van een 'groene' lantaarnpaal gepresenteerd. De naar een bloem gemodelleerde straatverlichting zou in staat zijn om via ...

Nog meer grappenjatterij van Najib  Geenstijl.nl

Het lijkt er op dat er met ons verhaal over Najib Amhali een heuse beerput is geopend. Najib kan dan wel oh zo'n grote hekel hebben aan zijn collega en vaste ...


UA solar institute plans Phoenix site
Arizona Daily Star - 12 dec 2008
The purpose of the project is to test and generate concentrated solar power, compressed-air energy storage and agricultural and biofuel development.

Vrij Nederland

2008: De doorbraak van zonne-energie
Vrij Nederland - 4 uur geleden
Niet alleen met traditionele zonnepaneeltjes, maar ook met Concentrated Solar Power. Deze technologie benut de brandende hitte van met spiegels gebundeld ...

PV Tech

Acciona Energy connects massive 46-MW solar PV power plant to grid ...
PV Tech - 1 uur geleden
With 68 MW of installed PV capacity and another 100 MW of concentrated solar power (CSP) under construction in Spain as well as a 64-MW CSP farm operating ...

Needed: an energy policy
The News International - 22 dec 2008
Most EU countries have policies in place encouraging electricity produced by cow manure, wind mills, concentrated solar power, solar cells, gas generators, ...

Wall Street Journal Blogs

Hot Question: How Big Should Solar Get?
Wall Street Journal Blogs - 3 dec 2008
... attractive—the technology most likely to be in the vanguard of California’s push, concentrated solar power, is cheaper than its silicon-panel cousin. ...

Gabril Constans: The making of an energy revolution
Santa Cruz Sentinel - 7 dec 2008
Another company that has thrown its hat into the thermal solar basket is eSolar, which designs and develops utility scale concentrated solar power starting ...

SCHOTT increases sales and profit in 2008
Glass on Web - 19 dec 2008
Both the receivers for use in parabolic trough power Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants and photovoltaic products met with high demand. ...

Wind beats all in renewables study
Carbon Positive - 21 dec 2008
Then came concentrated solar power powering a battery vehicle, followed by geothermal energy in a battery vehicle and solar photovoltaics in a battery ...

Europe, Chine, USA, l'avenir est aux «supergrids»
Le Figaro - 8 uur geleden
L'Europe n'est pas la seule à rêver de super-réseau : la Chine construit un réseau haute tension HVDC entre le Yunnan et Canton et compte investir 170 ...

Sopogy, Inypsa, Omniwatt Plan 50 MW CSP Plant
Your Renewable News (press release) - 20 uur geleden
Sopogy Inc., the manufacturer of the proprietary MicroCSP concentrating solar thermal energy system, has entered into a solar power agreement with Spanish ...

Desert Power
OneWorld.net - 22 dec 2008
... Kevin Ummel and senior fellow David Wheeler focus on a leading candidate for investment: solar thermal or concentrating solar power (CSP), ...

Tapping sunshine
Deccan Herald - 22 dec 2008
Solar thermal power plants, also called concentrating solar power (CSP) generating systems, can make this a reality. The potential is unlimited. ...

Technology Wrap-up: The Most-read Technology Stories of 2008
RenewableEnergyWorld.com - 6 uur geleden
It's a concentrating solar power (CSP) technology, built around a proprietary central receiver tower and molten salt loop. A second storage article focused ...

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